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Galvanised rolls Oscar Metal

Steel Products

We supply over 100 steel products

galvanised metal sheet rolls

Galvanised rolls

High-quality galvanised steel rolls: DX51 (construction), DX52, DX53 (car manufacturing). Cut-to-order and corrugated coloured or galvanised metal sheets for various applications.

Oscar metals galvanised steel tubes and square box sections

Galvanised Mild Steel Tubes, Square Box Sections, and Oval Tubes

Extensive selection of sizes (0.4mm to 2mm thickness) for diverse industrial and construction applications.

oscar metals dry lining C stud and U track

Dry Lining Metals

C Studs, Tracks and all other relevant dry lining metals profiles are available in various sizes for wall and roof drylining applications.

oscar metal metal structure for building salons

Innovative Structural Beams and Steel Buildings

Patented design crafted for construction reduces weight by 25%, resulting in 25% cost-efficiency and enhanced structural performance.

15% Lower Cost: Unbeatable Quality for Less

Our Business Model: Low margins on sales fo with repeat customers. Lowest UK prices

Wide supplier network

Direct Sourcing, No Middlemen Involved.

Robust Logistics Partnerships

Favorable Shipping Fees through Long-Term Relationships.

Efficient Digital Operations

Industry Best Practices, Waste Prevention, and Cost Reduction.

Oscar Metals galvanised-pipes on racks

About Us

Prize Metal is a reputable UK-based office representing a leading international metal manufacturers. With a rich heritage and extensive expertise in the metal industry, we specialise in supplying high-quality metal products for various applications. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction has positioned us as a trusted partner in the market.

We can offer the most competitive prices in the UK, potentially the lowest, while maintaining the highest UK and international premium standards.

Our dedication to quality ensures that every product leaving our facilities meets stringent requirements.

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